Lately, xkcd has been my favorite comic.  And I love today’s 🙂

Porn for women

And, courtesy of Meljean Brook, there really is a book titled Porn for Women that is full of mostly dressed (I think) men doing housework.  (Uh, really? Did that book actually sell?)



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  1. I think I saw this book once. I think I used it as a subtle hint to my husband that he should vacuum more often. Then I made fun of it.

    • I know a lot of women joke (semi-seriously) about finding men who clean up after themselves sexy, but the idea of that book just bothers me. Chores as sexy/porn just…fails for me, and the association of female sexuality with household chores chafes. Maybe I’m not taking it in the tongue-in-cheek way it was intended?

      • True. I think the book insults women and it insults men. I mean.. many of the guys I know can cook and do chores! They know how to do the laundry! This book is just..asinine.

  2. Anonymous

    xkcd is the best. when someone in this house starts saying “come here! come see this!” it’s almost always that strip.
    Kate R

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