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Recently abandoned and/or discarded, and free to a good home


Last week while wandering through B&N, I bought a book of classic Irish tales for a Mother’s Day gift (which was appreciated when given today) and also a copy of Emily M. Danforth’s The Miseducation of Cameron Post.  Cameron Post is an eastern Montana almost-teenager when her parents die; the same weekend they die, she kisses a girl for the first time.  The rest of the book covers the next few years of her life, realizing she’s a lesbian and dealing with that in a small town, living with her born-again aunt who eventually sends her off to have the gay prayed away.  The book was very well written, I thought, but very slowly paced.  Which makes sense to the degree that it was marching along with Cameron’s teen years, which did not exactly fly by.  But by the time Cameron gets sent off to be fixed, I was bored.  Next book, please?


Two more boxes of books have been culled from the TBR or ABR shelves, which are finally beginning to be visibly thinned out.  Among the double stacked shelves I found a bunch of Silhouette Bombshells (does anyone else remember that short-lived category line?) written by authors like Rachel Caine, Debra Webb, and Ruth Wind.  I also found some old, old Harlequin Intrigues by Tess Gerritsen and Anne Stuart, as well as Loveswepts by Deborah Smith.  Also found more categories by Ruth Wind and a couple historical mmpbs by Barbara Samuel.

Books I’d like to pass on to happy homes (free) if anyone wants them:

  • John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars (autographed but not personalized)
  • Danforth’s The Miseducation of Cameron Post (nearly new)
  • Suzanne Brockmann’s Bork to Darkness (autographed by not personalized)
  • Nora Roberts’ The Witness
  • K.A. Mitchell’s No Souvenirs (an unsigned copy — already have a copy, not sure how I wound up with two)

And there are bound to be more soon, since I’ve set myself the goal of finishing out the clear up by June 1.


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Target’s marketing and floor layout is supremely successful. I walked in with a list made of five items and left with ~20. All of them are things I’ll use so it’s not as if the money is wasted. But it was unplanned.

I bought a red shower curtain with a circular pattern that seems kinda retro. And I love it, despite not matching the black & white going on in the rest if the room.

So easily pleased.


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Questions I’m pondering

~ The trailer for HP7.2 looks good. I especially like the way Snape apparates, and seeing Molly duel Bellatrix Lestrange.

~   I am glad the royal wedding press coverage was over. I did not watch it, although I did see some clips online. (Why was it taking up half of WaPo’s front page?) Pretty dress, shiny uniforms, bizarre head gear. I did think it was sweet that Harry watched Kate walk up the aisle and then appeared to lean over and say to William, "Wait til you see her."

~ Why was it so easy to sit and blurt out two ficlets for the GK The Iceman Cometh fic party based on prompts, but so hard to write the fic I promised to The Biochemist (in which Brad’s license is suspended due to his speed fetish on his motorcycle)?  The bike fic is plotted out, I just…can’t get it written.  It’s the first time ever that I’ve never been able to just sit down and blurt everything out on the page with little or no thought or effort or editing.  

~  Mommom’s dining room table is being delivered to my house on Monday.  I probably should make room for it, decide which chairs, etc., are going into the basement, etc.  And yet instead I’m sitting on the front porch, enjoying the sunshine.

~ I would like to be in Madrid this coming week instead of 9 months from now.

~ Is it wrong that I want to see the new Fast & Furious movie? It’s total cheese, but still…


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Pretty stuff for the kitchen

I’ve mentioned before that my kitchen is not particularly well-equipped. This does not distress me. But I still oooh and aaah over kitchen accessories, like this selection of butter yellow gadgets featured by Metrocurean.

I don’t need a butter dish, yet I’m tempted by the color. Same for the baking dishes.


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Cranky pants

I shoveled snow today.  It wasn’t a lot, so I shouldn’t complain.  But it was on my scheduled day off, and the roads were a mess and schools and offices and businesses were all screwed up as a result of the ice/snow.  So all my plans were re-arranged, which makes me irritated.  I like to stick to the schedule, people!

Read Treachery in Death last night, finishing it this morning.  Liked it a lot, much better than the last In Death.  Very focused on the police procedural aspect and the mystery, less focus on the personal relationships.  Although they are very important to the plot, that sort of backs into the procedural piece.  However.  HOWEVER.  If JD Robb/Nora Roberts doesn’t get the fine tooth comb treatment from her editors — a woman who makes her publisher POTS OF MONEY — then I would be shocked.  But still there are stupid errors like a case being referred to at different points as the Geraldi case and the Giraldi case.  At hardcover prices and with a big name author, I expect better than that from the editorial department.

The Goofy Cat keeps getting up on the kitchen table.  I’ve tried putting things on the table to block her — nope, I come home and find them on the floor.  I’ve removed the table cloth, thinking she liked the texture.  Doesn’t matter, she’ll lay on the bare table.  Whenever I see her or hear her on it, I race into the kitchen and pick her up, tapping her nose and putting her down.  Nothing seems to make a difference.

My favorite khaki pants have gone missing.  They aren’t in the closet or the laundry basket or at the cleaner’s.  I was sure I dropped them at the cleaner’s but Su says no.  It’s not like I could take them off and misplace them.  They must have been sucked into an alternate universe with all the odd socks and earrings that I can’t find.

Bought a copy of Where the Wild Things Are today.  I have a copy already, but for the life of me could NOT find it.  (Maybe it’s with the khaki pants?)  I figure now that I’ve bought another copy, my original copy will surface.


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Stupid pet tricks

Work is kicking my ass and I don’t have much to say about my recent reading material.  Plus, it snowed again and is supposed to snow again this weekend.  DNW.

It’s heartless of me, but seeing my cat do this today made me laugh.  I had to grab my phone to take a picture.  Once I got it (blurry as it is), then I could rescue her.  

She stalked off with offended dignity and groomed herself…and a half hour later got the carton out of the trashcan and did it again.



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Discipline problems

Dear Cat:

You are trying my patience.  I do not appreciate the counter walking or the table sitting.  

And the butter I had out on the counter so it could come to room temperature for use in baking?  Really did not need to be batted onto the floor in your effort to get to it.  Frankly, licking butter is not good for little cats.

We’re both going to be sorry if you do that again.



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