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Lots of things going on

I received an email from one of my college Russian profs — my favorite instructor, Alla Aleksandrovna Bluykher — is retiring, and I’m invited to her retirement celebration. Alla specifically asked for me, which is flattering (it’s been 10 years!) and a bit guilt-inducing (since I’ve let my Russian lapse so badly). But I’m off to Red Square at the Belvedere one evening this week to celebrate her 25 years of teaching Russian to bumbling English speakers.

The Jerusalem Fund is offering a workshop on the art of Arabic calligraphy later this month. I just signed up, along with a couple of my classmates.

And I’m back from Cleveland, where I went to attend “trAnsfoRmaTionS,” a conference on Arts Education. According to Drew Carey, Cleveland Rocks! I’m not sure I would go that far, but the conference was excellent.

Food note: had most excellent meat loaf at Pickwick & Frolic’s, a restaurant near the hotel that seems to have a history as some sort of burlesque venue. The meat load was angus beef mixed with chorizo. Mmmm. Accompanied by garlic mashed and a glorious corn pudding.

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