Miles fans, check it out

lightgetsin and sahiya have posted another piece of their AU Vorkosigan fic in the bujold_fic. This piece, Seeds, is from Ekaterin Vorsoisson’s POV and is set in the lead up to the Emperor’s wedding.

One of my friends gave me her copy of Stray by Rachel Vincent. I think I mentioned last week that I decided not to buy the book because the heroine’s name (Faythe) irritated me. But I never turn down free books. So, what’d I think? Well, I pretty much agreed with Jane’s take on the book. D+ from me. Faith (sorry, can’t type that heinous alternate spelling) was just about the stupidest, whiniest bitch I’d ever read. It seems wrong to call her a bitch — wrong species — but calling her a stupid, whiny tabby just doesn’t have the same impact. Bitchiness doesn’t bother me; in fact, I like it in heroines. But the stupid and the whininess didn’t work for me. She was all impulse and no brains; she never seemed to think things through; she didn’t understand that even if her Pride was capable of giving her what she wanted (total freedom), her dream was ephemeral only; reality made it impossible. She wanted to be independent, but didn’t see the disconnect between declaring independence and relying on her parents for financial support and protection. She basically used and manipulated everyone around her without thought for their feelings or the trouble they would get into (and which she would be above). Most of the time she had the maturity of a fifteen year old, as if her status as the sole, spoiled tabby in the Pride had stunted her maturity. Her transformation into strong, smart heroine in the last third of the book wasn’t convincing.

After thought: though I found the world building to be interesting, in retrospect, the plot and the world seem to be a shadow of Kelley Armstrong’s weres in Bitten. Or maybe I just have KA on the brain since I just finished her latest book.

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  1. Ah, i guess I don’t need to add the me too, do I? As for the shadows of Bitten, I saw them too but thought originally, that it was just my furtive imagination, but everyone sees them and thus, I think, sadly, it is a pale imitation of Bitten.

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