Nora Roberts & Jane Austen & daffodils

Go check out today’s post at Dear Author — it is the tale of best selling author (295 million books in print!) Nora Roberts’ first sale.

Jane Austen: I’m rereading Emma, and the afterword by David Pinching has me thinking about why I admire this book but don’t love it the same way I love Persuasion. It is a marvelous piece of fiction written by a master storyteller. The lack of plot doesn’t bother me, but I just don’t *care* about any of the characters, who all seem to be a bit like caricatures to me. Apparently Austen’s intent was to write a heroine whom no one would love but her; Pinching says that we the readers really do like Emma. He also says that Emma is heroine who is “not always right but she is always sympathetic.” Hmm, I disagree there — I find her well-drawn, but unsympathetic through a great deal of the book. Which is why I seldom reread the book, I suppose.

Daffs are everywhere. There are huge banks of them in the median of the parkway on my way to and from work. Yesterday I was tempted to feign car trouble so I could pull over and snip a few. (They might die because of the frost tonight or this weekend, y’know; I’d be doing them a favor!) But that’d be bad karma (with my luck my car wouldn’t start again) and probably a ticketable offense. It’d cheaper and safer just to pick some up at the flower stall in Cross Street Market.


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2 responses to “Nora Roberts & Jane Austen & daffodils

  1. My heart just sank when I heard the news talk about a white Easter. 😦 I want spring, dammit!

    • I knew the temp was supposed to drop, but not that we were expecting rain or snow. Imagine my surprise when I went out to my car this morning and found a thin layer of snow/sleet on it. And on my drive into DC, everything was coated. It looked lovely, as if the trees and flowers had on a layer of lace. But I’m afraid that the blooms are going to wither now.

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