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Think Geek rocks!

The Computer Guy does not like chocolate; his favorite sweet is caramel.  A favorite dessert is dulce de leche.  Given a plain chocolate bar, he’s not tempted at all.  Give him a box of chocolate covered caramels and he’ll pick the chocolate off to get to the caramel.  But he loves brownies. His statement on this paradox: the baking of the brownies and other flavors added make them Not Chocolate, the concatenation of ingredients diluting and revising the essential chocolateness of the treat into something he loves.

Decided that he needed an All Edge Brownie Pan.  Because everyone knows the best pieces of each batch of brownies are the four corners, and the single edge pieces follow that closely.  Ordered it on the 11th.  On the 19th, wondered where it was and checked — the UPS status said delivered on the 14th.  Um, no.  So I reported it missing.  On the 20th, Think Geek let me know that I replacement would be mailed on Monday by 2-Day Air.  It arrived yesterday —  that’s right after only 1 business day.  

I’ve never had a bad experience shopping or shipping from Think Geek, but this was outstanding.  Think Geek absolutely rocks!

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Fangirl squee

Check out ‘s post:  the blurbs for the next two Cambridge Fellows Mysteries are available.  And there is an excerpt of the December release over at Samhain.

I love this series.  Need to organize a (coherent) post about it.


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*epic flail*

Carla Kelly has posted that she has a naval trilogy coming out late this coming fall/winter.

I suppose the fact that I’ve already noted it in my planner  (plus my flailing and happy dance) give away my fan-girliness when it comes to Carla Kelly.


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Whereas, whereas, whereas

The scoop on Nora Roberts Day


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