Not a great start

I went to bed last night, or rather early this morning, feeling pretty hopeful about 2021. The Georgia runoffs seemed poised to change control of the Senate. Team USA shutout Canada to win WJC gold. The election results would be squabbled over by some possibly seditious politicians but ultimately be done.

I expected protests from white supremacists in DC and threats of violence perhaps. I did not imagine an actual coup, shots fired in the Capitol, and the death of someone present.

Video clips of the police doing nothing don’t surprise me any longer. But opening the barrier to let them in does. And a selfie when they are trespassing – possibly a criminal, felony trespass – is breaking my brain.

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One response to “Not a great start

  1. I’m shellshocked.

    I get that the Capitol Police were outnumbered and perhaps overrun. But if you know there’s going to be a big rally, why don’t you at least guard ALL the doors properly? And the selfies. And the escorting of lawbreakers off the premises without arrests. Where were the arrests?

    When even Roy Blunt is saying the CP have to be more explicit about what they’re planning to ensure security on January 20, you know you’ve got a problem.

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