Keeping myself occupied

No library, no movie theater, no neighborhood cafe or bar.  No tennis.  No baseball.  No hockey.  What could I do with myself all weekend?

Started to clean out closets, but then realized no place would likely be open/staffed to take donations.

Watched Frank Turner’s stream/broadcast of his 2,000th show from Nottingham’s Rock City (December 2016), now available on YouTube.

Listened to the first three episodes of WeCrashed, the podcast about the rise and fall of WeWork.  A colleague and I intermittently chat about unicorns and potential IPOs, and we spent a lot of time last year wondering about WeWork, mostly because from the outside its fans seemed like evangelists verging on cultists, and the business model seemed not-different from other virtual office businesses that had much smaller valuations.  The news about SoftBank trying to reduce what it will have to pay (throwing more money into the toilet IMO) made the podcast seem like timely listening.  And as I listen, I’m side-eyeing the founder(s) even harder.

Tried reading the new Patricia Briggs book.  DNF.

Went through a year’s worth of accumulated issues of The Hockey News, and am currently powering through several back issues of Smithsonian magazine.

Today the governor ordered all nonessential businesses to close.  I’m not sure what impact that will have on my neighborhood, since pretty much everything was closed except carry out for restaurants, which in theory fall into the essential category, but who knows.


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2 responses to “Keeping myself occupied

  1. I need to listen to that podcast. I’ve been semi-obsessively following the WeWork story since last year, because it felt so much like Uber in terms of crap leadership and work culture but even more high-risk as an IPO. The Financial Times has had terrific coverage over that time. And I read a story about the wife of the founder (basically the co-founder) that was mind-boggling.

    We’ve had the city and county officials order closures, but they’re not all the same (what is essential to them varies) and we still have tons of people wandering around. I’m staying in and working from home. It’s not great but I’m not adding to the chaos, and my university is doing its part.

    • Possibly my two favorite new terms learned from the podcast: yoga babble and unicorn industrial complex.

      Today the weather was gorgeous; I went for a walk at 5:30 and there were a lot more people out than usual. Without personal space bubbles. Why?

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