First week of telework

I don’t telework frequently, so while I have the technical ability – internet, laptop, security token to get into the network – I don’t have a designated office space at home.  I usually sit at the kitchen table or stand at the breakfast bar, or if I’m feeling decadent, I sit in the recliner.  Those are not feasible long term.  I need a bigger monitor, because I’m spoiled by the dual monitor set up at the office and need to be able to toggle between programs in a way that isn’t sustainable on a smallish laptop.  I also need a mouse, because the track pad isn’t great for the intensive maneuvering text around all day.  So I’m trekking to Office Depot tomorrow to get both.  I’m also contemplating buying a printer, because some editing just works better on paper.

I brought hard copy materials home from the office last week – notebooks that I keep serially, and the like.  But I think I need to go back in to get a couple of reference books.

The work itself has changed a little bit because of what’s going on in the United States.  So there are the usual tasks and projects plus more.  Which is fine, but complicated by inability to have in person meetings.  It is so much easier to walk down the hall and have face to face conversations.  So many conference calls.

Also, figuring out how much contact to have is difficult.  A lot of my group telework regularly, between two and three days per week, on top of condensed and part time work schedules, so there is no single day of the week when everyone is working; some days I’m the only one physically in the office.  I usually do drop-bys, but how to do that remotely?  Normally, I assume silence means business as usual, in part because the work itself is pretty transparent and trackable, but I feel like that is not a safe assumption right now.

My commute is short, so I have time for a walk in the evening, no gym now.  But I’m working more hours and accomplishing fewer concrete tasks.  Maybe I’ll get more done next week.


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2 responses to “First week of telework

  1. My set up is about the same. If this is going to continue might need to do something about that! In the mean time we all try to get used to this new way of working.

    • It was fairly easy to get the new monitor. The harder part was figuring out where and organizing. I’m hoping that this is a waste of my cash, and that none of us have to WFH long term.

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