I am not mentally equipped for long term telework or self-quarantine. After two days I am stir crazy. I miss my two monitors. And my routine. And talking to people in person. I hate webex meetings.


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  1. D’oh! 😦 I always work from home at least 4 days/week, so this is not a big adjustment for me.

    • I appreciate the convenience of it for bad weather and such but I like the routine of going into the office. And the facilities there. Better desk, monitors, ergonomic chair. We just switched to encouraged you required, so I’ll adjust. I just really struggle in meeting by phone rather than person. And we are supposed to not videoconference because that takes 6x bandwidth on the network, which is now having to support vastly increased traffic.

  2. I am not sure how I am going to cope with working from home.

    • I sympathize. A lot of my colleagues work from home and only go to the office once a week so it’s not a big deal. But it’s an adjustment if you don’t.

  3. I’ve always thought of myself as a work-from-home person since as a grad student and then academic I’ve always had a workspace. But it was when I wanted it, not all the time whether I did or not. This is going to be interesting. My husband has a full study, but I use a desk and some storage space in our spare bedroom (this is my choice, I didn’t want a full study). I’ve worked fine at it up to now, including Skyping etc.

    I’m in 14-day social isolation, and who knows what things will look like on Day 15. When we left for the UK on the 4th telling the department we were leaving was just a courtesy, not required, and the places we went there were pretty normal, if a bit less full than usual in London. Now we’re subject to the university watchlist and the UK is shutting stuff down.

    • We started with encouraged to telework last week. I had to go in a couple of days until contractors were all telework-capable. But now it is mandatory. I can work at home – usually set up in the kitchen – and have all the materials I need. I just historically do better with more structure over the long term.

      Is the isolation a function of the travel and current recommendations? Hope it’s just a formality and that you are well.

      • Yes, we are both healthy and asymptomatic, thanks! The University mandated that anyone coming from (most of) Europe and now the UK has to self-isolate for 14 days. I don’t object to over-caution. The last thing I want to do is be a vector and give it to friends and colleagues who are higher-risk.

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