I’ve never gotten the appeal of fruitcake. Even Carla Kelly’s Regencies with their Christmas pudding never sold me. But today I saw the biggest fruitcake I’ve ever seen at a café in Coimbra. 

And when I walked past the same pasteleria on my way home after a day of tourist-ing, about 2/3 of it was gone. 

Which makes me wonder if I’m missing something. Maybe for a coffee break tomorrow I’ll stop in and try it. Or one of the other amazing looking pastries. 


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2 responses to “Fruitcake

  1. rosario001

    Clearly someone likes it. I’m not a big fan, either. I’d stick to the pasteis de nata!

    • I have mostly stuck with pasteis de nata or plain rolls 🙂 but I had a bread/custard thing in Coimbra that I would try again. It was a slice of brioche-type bread that had been topped in some sort of custard or sweetened egg yolk, almost like yemas.

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