Delayed again?

Apparently the next Rivers of London book has been postponed again, now to January 2017?  That’s more than two years after the last release, Foxglove Summer.  That’s a long time between series books for anyone not named George R.R. Martin.  I can only hope The Hanging Tree will be better edited and more coherent than the last books, which could have used some serious editing and maybe some basic proofreading.



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2 responses to “Delayed again?

  1. Thanks for the heads up on this…

    • 😦 I’m sorry to see it’s been delayed…again. He shared the cover art back in July 2015, so it’s kind of confusing as to how/why it’s going to be January now. He has not said anything about the delay on Twitter or Temporarily Significant, which is all about the comics lately. There used to be a site for the series at, but it’s no longer available. The US publisher hasn’t announced anything, in terms of delay. The interesting thing is that Orion (UK publisher) and Amazon UK still have an August publication date, so I’m wondering if there has been a delay only for release in the US.

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