We sing songs about our friends in E Minor

I finished The Moor’s Account, which Rosario recommended.  I liked it pretty well, mostly because the POV was novel.

At the library today, I picked up a copy of After by Anna Todd; it’s New Adult, which is not my favorite sub-genre, but the fact that its tag line is “wattpad sensation” caught my attention.


I’m so ready for hockey season to start tomorrow night.  My first game is next week.  And I’ve got tickets for an NWHL game 🙂


Saw Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls at Rams Head Live on Saturday and the 9:30 Club on Sunday.  Beans on Toast and Skinny Lister opened;  I’d seen BoT before but never Skinny Lister.  I think their sound suits FT better than the other second acts I’ve seen at his shows before, which struck as a little too metal to be consistent with the sounds of BoT and FT.  And I was pretty entertained by the squeeze box/accordion player, who rocked out, and the upright bass player who crowdsurfed during one song.  I liked the set list slightly better on Saturday (it included “Eulogy”, “Worse Things Happen at Sea”, and “One Foot Before the Other”) than Sunday but enjoyed both shows.  The sound was better at the 9:30 Club; at Rams Head, the bass and drums made the lyrics a little hard to distinguish some times, at least I found it so up on the balcony rather than down on the floor.  I love that there is a tour flag traveling to all the tour stops independent of the band; it goes via fans.  The dude who brought it to DC was in front of me in the line to get into the show.  [I’m looking at his other tour stops and thinking hard about road trips.  But since he’s going west, it’s probably not going to happen; if he were going up or down the east coast, I’d be seriously tempted.]


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3 responses to “We sing songs about our friends in E Minor

  1. I have never heard of any of those bands. o.O
    Oh, I’m working on King of Russia, which I only knew about because you read it. The tidbits about Geno’s last season in Magnitogorsk are the most interesting part to me. I frequently want to slap the author – I don’t think he’s described any Russian players as “enigmatic” yet, but I suspect it’s only a matter of time. UGH.

    • Frank Turner is an English rock/folk singer with punk roots. He performed in the opening ceremonies for the London Olympics. My sister got me hooked a few years ago. Skinny Lister is new to me, don’t really know how to describe them. Beans on Toast is just one guy, kind of English hippy – he sings about politics and mass production of chickens but is funny.

      Yes, the sterotypes about Russia and Russians were pretty painful. But baby Malkin. And other players are mentioned that I recognized at worlds this year, including his points competitor, Sergei Mozyakin.

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