Sometimes the best thing to do is stop talking

I have only been in a courtroom a few times post school and summer/semester clerking. The vast majority of times since then have been for jury selection when I was called for jury duty (counsel always excuses me). I have occasionally seen a lawyer tell a client to stop talking. Usually when they started talking directly to the judge or opposing counsel inappropriately and oversharing in a way that was detrimental to the case.  (Telling your client to stop talking looks bad and signals poor client control, but sometimes it’s better to get them to just stop talking even so.)

I feel like sometimes in life, we all need someone to tell us to sit down and shut up because we are making things worse. That m/m author could use it right now. The new post at her blog (which I’ve now removed from my reader, thanks) is Not Helping. It’s all Poor Me! People are So Mean! While making it pretty clear there was an ulterior motive (sell more books!). Ugh.


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  1. I followed your excellent lead and removed all her books from my Calibre library. I’d read and liked more of her books than you, but the two books I read last year were pretty much the end for me.

    I’m not going to read the post (I’m sick of the justifications and the critic- and reader-blaming), but I’ve suspected for a while that the impetus was financial as much as anything. One of the Killian mystery series was turned into audiobooks over the last year and the second series’ first audiobook showed up at Audible last month. That, together with the rerelease of the Dunne books under the Lanyon name, suggests that playing to the existing fanbase is now the primary marketing strategy. And I’m sure it will work, at least to some extent and in the short-ish run. The core readers will buy everything she puts out, and the people who drift away won’t talk about it.

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