Sometimes reading order really matters

Finished Susanna Kearsley’s The Rose Garden last night on the commute home — our engine died so we had to couple up with a later train and then inch into the next five stations, it was incredibly slow.

I think if I’d tried The Rose Garden (2011) before reading The Splendour Falls (originally published in 1995), I would have been much more anxious to read the rest of her backlist. I’ve got The Winter Sea on audio, which I think I’ll try next.

Almost finished Dave King’s King of Russia.  The writing is pretty pedestrian, and there are some terrible stereotypes revealed in the writer’s expectations and worldview, in terms of Soviet Russia.  Which I guess in some ways is to be expected since his original experience of Russia was pre-perestroika and under the old system.  There’s a huge amount of privilege and judgment inherent in his commentary, and sometimes I think he’s aware of it but other times the arrogance is off-putting. I’m intrigued by his perspective of the KHL, especially in terms of team financing and management.  I’d be very interested in seeing if/how things may have changed in the 10 years since, including the last year with currency drop and rumors about player pay.  (I read something today about Ilya Kovalchuk, who retired from the NHL to play in the KHL and make more money with a better tax rate…but who is netting the same or less now than he would have under the NHL contract after the currency drop.) Mostly, I’m entertained by his perspective on Evgveni (Yevgeni) Malkin as fledgling hockey player in his pre-NHL days and his limited POV account of Malkin’s flight to the Penguins.

ETA: I don’t think Malkin gets more ink than other important players on Metallurg Magnitogorsk, especially the ones King calls his NHL Russians, but I see/imagine heart-eyes through some of the passages about him.


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