So far out of my budget

I am currently reading Dave King’s King of Russia, which makes me really want to read more about Anatoly Tarasov, the architect of the Soviet/Russian hockey program.  There’s not a huge amount written about him in English, bookwise, as far as I can tell, mostly short mentions in books about the Summit Series, Miracle, hockey encyclopedias, etc.  ABE and Amazon both show a 1997 biography, which I’m very curious about…but it is OOP and costs more than $900, well over my book budget 😦  It looks like at least one of his dozen books on tactics has been translated but is also OOP.  (And, tbh, tactics are generally beyond me, although I love looking at the beautiful skating and passing.)

I love this quote from his NYT obituary:  a hockey player “must have the wisdom of a chess player, the accuracy of a sniper and the rhythm of a musician.”



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2 responses to “So far out of my budget

  1. After reading your previous post, I also ordered King of Russia – it’s still en route. Yikes about the Tarasov bio! 😦

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