Bourbon kings?

JR Ward has a new series coming out, starting with The Bourbon Kings.  Without going to look at the blurb, my first thought was, she’s changing sub-genres completely?  Because when I see Bourbon + kings, I think of the House of Bourbon, which ruled vast swathes of Europe from the thirteen century through the early twentieth century, with domains abroad in the Americas and Africa via colonization.

Apparently Ward’s kings of bourbon are actually involved in the whiskey business.  I’m pretty much over Ward; once I was weaned off the crack, the flaws in her writing were too painful to bother continuing to read her vampire books. So I’m not going to be reading this one.  But I’m interested to see, based on the reviews of others, if she’s better at world-building in a straight contemporary than in her paranormal world, where her rules were inconsistent and she killed women characters or rendered them spineless and useless.


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4 responses to “Bourbon kings?

  1. Same here. Weaning off crack is the perfect way to describe it.

    • I know she wrote contemporaries under a different name before hitting it big as Ward, although I’m blanking on that pen name. I’m kind of curious to see if she can pick it up again…but not enough to shell out for this book.

  2. Pen name = Jessica Bird.

    I’m going to try this one via a work copy because holy mother the recovering soap opera addict in me practically swooned when I heard about it. Mandi over at Smexy Books got an ARC. Said it was light on romance, more of a family drama-type story – which is kind of what I figured. Also, she assured me the characters speak dialogue that makes sense and talk like “real people” do. That was always my hard and fast Do Not Pass Go Do Not Collect $200 with the BDB books – I couldn’t get past the supposedly grown men talking like 12-year-olds and saying crap like “You feel me?” every other sentence.

    But yeah – crack. So work copy. Which means I can DNF without kicking myself for spending my own money on hard cover pricing.

    • I’m sort of curious whether these characters “talk” to Ward the way her other ones did/do. And if she still affects the dark glasses inside all the time and the black suit. (The one RWA I went to in 2009, I think, the persona kind of cracked me up.)

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