Library haul

Despite the fact that I only liked The Splendour Falls, rather than loving it, I still checked out two other Kearsley books, The Winter Sea and The Rose Garden.  I’m not sure if I’ll get to both of them since abject adoration is usually the setting I need for a good glom, but we shall see.  Also borrowed Chelsea Cain’s One Kick; I’m pretty much finished with her other series and I found her behavior online re: this new release pretty ugly, so I’m not inclined to either buy her books any longer or read immediately upon release.

The library had a display of mysteries in translation, which made me think of Keishon and her enjoyment of many translated mysteries.  I ended up borrowing Off Side by Manuel Vazquez Montalban.  I know almost nothing about futbol except that El Clasico is a Very Big Deal and the team in the blurb (Barcelona) has a long history.



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4 responses to “Library haul

  1. Keishon

    Can’t wait to hear what you think of Off Side. Not familiar with that author, either.

    I need to get back to reading translated mysteries. I still have Nesbo’s latest to read. Are you reading his standalone novels? I enjoyed his last one, The Son

    • I have The Son TBR, but I think the only other Nesbo stand alone I’ve read so far is Headhunters.

      The blurb about Vazquez Montalban says that there are 19 books in the series, and that the author was a reporter, playwright, and poet. Looks like this is a new reissue but not a new translation.

  2. rosario001

    The Splendour Falls is an early book, and i think it’s weaker than her later ones. I think you’ll find those two much more accomplished.

    • Thank you for pointing that out. I pulled Splendour from a “new releases” display and assumed it was the most recent book. I’ll have to check publication dates going forward.

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