March’s reading

Well, it doesn’t look like much but it’s a gradual improvement.

The Academy by Robert Dugoni – a short prequel that tempted me into trying…

My Sister’s Grave by the same – good until the last 10%, but a manipulative ending (that was somehow also predictable) left a sour taste in my mouth.

Concealed in Death – average Robb

The Heart Has Reasons by Maria Duenas – ambivalent about this one because I liked the writing style and the dual timelines, but it fizzled for me in the end.

I’m kind of stalled in The Demon’s Brood.  Somehow the author has managed to make a subject I love boring.  Meh.


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2 responses to “March’s reading

  1. Keishon

    Your post has assured me that I’m missing nothing while I tackle the Golden Age of crime at the moment (Christie, Chandler, Sayer).

    • I’m sure there’s good new stuff out there. But I’m pretty out of the loop. I was disappointed by the end of the Dugoni book in part because I liked the short so much. The short was set when the protagonist was going through the police academy; the book was set 20 years later. I feel like maybe having the series cover some of the interim rather than jumping ahead might’ve built a better series. (I’m not likely to check out new books or the author’s other series.)

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