Browsing at B&N

I swung by B&N after running errands downtown the other day.  It was an impulse since I was walking by. A big chunk of floor space is still devoted to Nooks and Nook accessories, which confused me since I thought B&N was stepping back from the Nook.  Or maybe I misunderstood the years of Nook-related losses in their financials.  *shrugs*  The romance section is dwindling and there was a pretty big emphasis on New Adult and 50SoG-ish books (meh).  The mystery section was also a little smaller; the only section that seems to keep growing is the YA.  And also the vinyl section — I didn’t realize B&N was moving into that, but I guess it’s a growth area.  I was sort of entertained to find a mystery author named James R. Benn; presumably not Jamie Benn, captain of the Dallas Stars, despite the similar names.  (Actually, I have no idea what Benn’s full/real name is and I’m not going looking.) (Although I’ve seen hockey RPF in which a player publishes a novel under a pseudonym, but I skipped it because it was for my nOTP so I didn’t read it.)



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2 responses to “Browsing at B&N

  1. Where was all this “new adult” crap when I was in my 20s? Now books with characters my age are hard to come by. Gah!

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