The library haul

The closest “branch” to me now is the central Enoch Pratt library.  It’s got a huge selection but limited shelving, which means that if I don’t know what I want, there’s a limited amount of browsing space.  Still, I found several books when I visited on Saturday.

Concealed in Death – I hadn’t read this one.  It was fine.  Standard Robb.

I’m about 80% finished with Maria Duenas’s The Heart Has Its Reasons.  It’s pretty women’s fiction-y and I was enjoying until the melodrama was amped up to 11.  Now I’m basically rolling my eyes.  Eh.

Other books I checked out are:

  • Susanna Kearsley’s The Splendour Falls
  • The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Who Got Trapped in An IKEA Wardrobe  by Romain Puertolas — I couldn’t resist it based on the title alone.
  • The Demon’s Brood by Desmond Seward.  Is there that much about the Plantagenets, in terms of general history, that I don’t know?  Eh, maybe not since I was obsessed with Eleanor of Aquitaine and her descendants years ago, but it still caught my eye.

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