Plus and minus

On the plus side:  I finished a book!

On the minus side:  It was kind of ~meh~.

The book in question is Why Kings Confess by CS Harris, one of the library books I picked up on Saturday.  It read well enough that I managed to finish it by Sunday evening, so it can’t have been terrible.  It was just…predictable.  As in, it was clear who and why, although not necessarily how, fairly early on.  But then again, it’s a 19th century police procedural, so maybe I should cut the author some slack.

Next up is A Corner of the World, which opened well.  The Richard Castle book is still sitting on my coffee table, so maybe I’ll circle back to it eventually.

And there’s tennis to watch (because #sleepisfortheweak) and the next few episodes of Orphan Black.  On the plus side, it’s different.  On the minus side, the science is kind of ridiculous even for a non-science-y person like me.



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4 responses to “Plus and minus

  1. I feel like the CS Harris books should be exactly something I would like but I’ve tried a few and it’s just not working. I have to give up (and for real this time, no trying again in a couple years:).

    • The series seems caught in between to me: not really hard-core procedural but also not really well drawn personal drama. Okay as library books but I don’t care enough to buy or track release dates.

  2. Keishon

    I love Orphan Black. Season three starts in April.
    Did you ever read Strong Poison?

    • I’m midway through the first season, so I should step up to be ready 🙂

      I haven’t gotten past the first chapter of Strong Poison. It’s on the side table with Dirty Wars as books I mean to finish someday.

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