Library haul

In an effort to combat the ongoing reading slump, I visited the library.  I used to visit the library much more often — weekly, in fact — but since I drive less, I am limited to a branch that is not great for browsing.  It actually is the main branch of the library and is great for research; and if you have a list of books to check-out, you’re fine, but since the majority of its books are stored in stacks that aren’t public, browsing is limited.  If there’s a title you want, the librarians are happy to pull title…but that makes accidental discoveries less likely.

Anyway, I left with six books.  The question is, will I finished all, some, or none of them before they have to be returned?

  1. Why Kings Confess by CS Harris – March 2014 installment of her St. Cyr series.
  2. Leaving the Atocha Station by Ben Lerner – on the “recommended” display, the title caught my eye (Atocha is Madrid’s big train station).
  3. A Corner of the World by Mylene Fernandez-Pintado, translated by Dick Cluster – also on the “recommended” rack.

Non-fiction — I sat down at a table in the non-fiction stacks to see if the books with interesting blurbs would pass the 20 page test (the three above did, four others did not) and was intrigued by these titles enough to add them to my stack:

  1. Travels in Siberia by Ian Frazier
  2. Spanish Recognitions by Mary Lee Settle
  3. A Vanished World: Medieval Spain’s Golden Age of Enlightenment by Chris Lowney

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