Lament for lost auto-buys

Going through my shelves and continuing The Great Book Purge has reminded me of several authors who were auto-buys who just…stopped being auto-buys after either a series of clunkers or general decline in my reading enjoyment of their work.  (Maybe their work changed to suit market conditions or maybe my taste did.  Either way *shrugs*)

Suzanne Brockmann  — I wish her old Silhouette series had finished.  The outright illegal and unconstitutional stuff that she has her Troubleshooters do in later books really bothers me; if I wanted to read about that, I’d read the papers filed against Blackwater, et al., not what is supposed to be fun fiction.  I get that she participates in a niche market but a decade of war and militarization in reality does not endear uber-patriotism and more militarization in fiction to me.

Patricia Briggs — please just keep giving Mercy powers to fix every problem, and also please slut-shame Adam’s ex-wife while you’re at it.

Nora Roberts/JD Robb — Same same same.  The home improvement porn and witches and twee Irish (look, I am of Irish extraction, have visited Ireland, love Ireland, but her Irish characters are caricatures at best) are just worn out for me.  Also, her editor needs to remove “vital” every single times she uses it.

JR Ward — okay, her first couple of books were like crack, but by the fourth her worldbuilding was exploding and she was denying the racial appropriation and the series had jumped the shark.

Kelley Armstrong — I liked her Otherworld series mostly for the werewolves, and stopped reading about all the other characters.  She’s got some shorts out now that are back to Elena and Clay and the wolves, but I’m not ready to buy in again.

Janet Evanovich — I loved the first six books of her Stephanie Plum series; then she basically said that Stephanie was never going to grow as a character, either become a better bounty hunter or actually have a functional adult relationship with either Morelli or Ranger, and I noped out of that series.

Chelsea Cain — It’s time for the Archie/Gretchen saga to end; it’s just not interesting anymore and the plots, always a little far-fetched, have gotten pretty attenuated.  It’s like watching a friend keep dating and breaking up with a jerk (or worse) — it keeps screwing them up and they keep doing it anyway.

Mary Jo Putney — Her historicals were auto-buys, but her contemporary series — especially The Spiral Path — was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Carla Kelly — Her trad Regencies were auto-buys, but as she publishes more through an LDS publisher, I’ve been less interested.  Her North American Western settings are unique, but I’m just not interested in gods/religion in my fiction.



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3 responses to “Lament for lost auto-buys

  1. I hate hate hate that sinking feeling when you realize an auto-buy has died. 😦

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