Trying to read right now

While family was visiting over the holidays, we browsed at B&N.  I hadn’t been in the store in a while, mostly because the one closest to me is associated with a university (and thus has a poor fiction selection but a lot of uni paraphernalia) and I wasn’t interested enough in any new releases to walk the extra mile to the large store in the harbor.  But we stopped in while meandering around and working off lunch.

I bought a remaindered copy of Heat Rises, the third Castle book.  I read the first one way back when and I liked the TV series…although it is yet another show that I’ve lost track of after 2 seasons.  My attention span is ever-dwindling.  There’s nothing wrong with the book, it’s exactly what the show/series is advertised as:  mystery-lite with humor and R/UST.  But there’s nothing that compels me to pick it up and keep going, which is why it has taken up residence on my coffee table, languishing until intermission during hockey games.

I am going to finish it though.  *nods determinedly*


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