Audiobook: Broken Homes

A while back I canceled my monthly subscription to Audible.  I really liked the service and think it was valuable, but I’d reached the point where I had a bunch of very long books to listen to and accumulating credits that I had no idea how to spend.  I still haven’t listened to all the backlog (hello, Juliet Stevenson, whose dulcet voice could sell me anything, even Emma, the Austen book I like least, and Middlemarch — 35 hours!) but I really wanted to hear the audio version of Broken Homes.

Why?  Because I think the narrator of the audio series, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, actually makes the audio versions better than the written versions.  (Okay, maybe it’s that being distracted by terrible copy editing is less likely from the audio versions, too.)

Anyway, I downloaded a copy of Broken Homes last week and am letting myself listen to it one chapter at a time.  I kind of wonder if my reaction at the end of reading the book the first time would have been the same if I’d listened first instead.  We shall see.

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