Now I remember…

…what I read or tried to read in October.

Raising the Rent by JL Merrow – a reworking or expansion of a previously published short story.  Not impressed; there was very little reworking done and if you’ve already read the original, it’s not worth the price.

The Boy with the Painful Tattoo by Josh Lanyon.  There was nothing wrong with this book in terms of Lanyon’s writing.  But I think Lanyon has become an author I used to love rather than being one that continues to work for me, so he’s off the auto-buy list now.  [Reading Fair Play in November cemented this for me. Done.]

Burn for Me, the start of a romance-y series by Ilona Andrews, came out in October too, but it’s still sitting on my Kindle.  I’m just not really motivated to read it.  But I will be reading her novella in the Night Shifts anthology that’s recently out.

Someday I will finish Ken Dryden’s The Game and Jeremy Scahill’s Dirty Wars.  I’m telling myself that I can’t read Hockey Confidential until I’ve finished at least one of them.


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