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I was early to a lunch get-together yesterday, so I wandered around B&N for a while.  I didn’t buy any books, but did leave with three magazines:  a Cooks Illustrated compilation of regional recipes, a local restaurant review/guide, and a copy of the July RT Magazine, which I haven’t read in ages.  I bought it in the hopes that I’d find something that I want to buy and read.  And I did — Elizabeth Chadwick has a new book out soon.  But that’s historical fiction.  Nothing on the genre romance interested me; in fact, a lot of the reviews screamed “STAY AWAY” at me. 

But I’ve downloaded samples to half dozen books to my Kindle app, so maybe I’ll be buying a new or new-to-me book soon?

I mentioned elsewhere in the comments that I re-read Kate Chopin’s The Awakening recently.  I first read it as a teenager as a high school reading assignment.  As one might expect, my perspective on the narrative is somewhat different as an adult.  And I do wonder a bit about having 16 year olds read it; not because the material is particularly shocking or inappropriate for young readers but because context and experience matter to interpretation and understanding of material.  (I mean, I got the literary devices at the time but the emotional setting not so much, or so I realize now as an adult.)   And I think I’m going to re-read Anna Karenina again soon for very much the same reason.


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