Added to the TBR

Because I’ve been in such a slump, Mt. TBR has been pretty static.  Well, in the sense that it is not growing; why buy books when I’m not reading?  The Great Book Purge has slowed, mostly because I’m ignoring the spare room while I have no idea what to do with it.


While in Paris, I had two cooking lessons at a kitchen/company named La Cuisine on the Quai de l’Hotel de Ville (I’m sure I’ve spelled or punctuated that incorrectly) that were very high on my list of Favorite Parts of the Paris Vacation.  I made macarons.  And hollandaise sauce.  Maybe someday I’ll repeat those epic feats.  Or maybe not.  But while waiting for the class to start, I flipped through their collection of foodie books and found David Lebowitz’s books on cooking and French culture; while I don’t think I’m suddenly going to start cooking more (or move to France), I really liked his voice.  Thus, a copy of his The Sweet Life in Paris has been added to the electronic Mt. TBR.  Which is actually probably larger than the paper TBR but since it is in the cloud, I see no teetering stacks and feel no guilt.

Also on the holiday front:  I took more than 1,400 photos, which are all still on my phone and need to be transferred elsewhere to stop taking up its memory.  I’ve uploaded 200 to Shutterfly and created a calendar and collage.  At some point I’ll transfer my diary (handwritten in my Paris Moleskin, I love those city-specific notebooks) here and add a few select photos, along with the narrative describing my Post Office Adventure and Nearly Getting Trapped in the Old Ville in Monaco, along with OMG Why Did I Eat Snails (wine was involved, as you might imagine) and Too Dumb to Come In Out of the Rain.

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