May’s reading

Still reading Brook’s serial, parts II through VII done and one to go.

Lanyon’s The Stranger on the Shore was okay, although the big “twist” was pretty predictable. It reminded me of an old Michelle Martin book that I enjoyed back in the day, Stolen Something. Hearts, maybe?

Took a used copy of Mansfield Park on vacation. It has not improved for me in the years since I first read it. Left the copy in the apartment in Paris for future guests.

Now reading a book about the history of Paris, which might have been more useful before my vacation. Oh, well.



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2 responses to “May’s reading

  1. I’m finishing up some non-fic, reading Clarkesworld Year 5, and hoping to get to Tracks and Dangerous next. I’ve also got Divergent because I’m trying to get a 13yo into megan whalen turner. I’m trading recommendations out of fairness.

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