Drive by – new Patricia Briggs, ongoing book purge, etc.

The good news:  I managed to finish a book.

The bad news:  I was not impressed by the book and am taking the series off auto-read and auto-borrow at the library.

I love Briggs’ Hurog duology, and I really liked the Mercy Thompson series when it began.  I like Briggs’ voice generally.  But I’m bored by Mercy as Mary Sue who gathers ever-more magical powers out of the blue in order to permit her to save everyone single-handedly.  I could probably have let that slide, but ongoing “the Pack hates Mercy” and the glacially moving other-magical-beings politics just aren’t holding my interest, and the one-and-done villains are getting stale.  Add in an ex-wife who is villified for being manipulative (as manipulative as Mercy but in a different way) and the way she was slut-shamed?  Yeah, done.

Also on the former auto-buy front, I downloaded the sample for the new In Death book.  Meh.

I’ve cleared out another bookshelf (a small one) that had mostly been filled with the (aged) backlists of Susan Napier, Emma Darcy, and Robyn Donald Harlequin Presents.  I accumulated them over years via library sales and, but many of them were not worth re-reading (for me) once I buckled down and gave them the 20 page test.

I was sorry to read of the death of Clarissa Dickson Wright, one of the Two Fat Ladies.  Must dig out her memoir, Spilling the Beans, and finish it.

Cookbook on my horizon:  Budget Bytes by Beth Moncel.  The Biochemist pointed me to the website when I was looking for a relatively simple but not boring menu for a birthday dinner (the guests included a very picky eater).  She likes the Honey Sriracha Chicken Thighs, but the Maple Dijon Chicken Thighs went over well with my guests, along with the Maple Roasted Sweet Potato with Pecans.  And the Banana Chocolate Baked Oatmeal is almost like dessert for breakfast.  I cut the recipe in half and bake in a cupcake pan.  Yum.


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