SBD: this and that

So, my reading…still not great.   Nothing I’m reading at various review sites appeals enough to even bother with the samples.  I did, however, buy another Soho Crime mystery:  Whispering Death by Garry Disher.  It’s set in Australia and the blurb was intriguing, and the first five pages grabbed me, so I’m feeling good about a new book.  I’m a sucker for the Soho Crime cover art/style though, really, and if it wasn’t for the distinct style, I probably wouldn’t have noticed the book.

At the time, I was wandering around B&N with a 20% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket.  I’ve been a long-term B&N member; the discount was worth it, because I spent enough there annually to cover the cost.  The annual renewal reminder arrived the other day, and I’m considering whether it’s worth it this year.  Last year it was:  I bought a copy of the Calvin & Hobbes collection and the discount there covered the cost.  But I’m not sure it will be this year.  The closest B&N to me now are university bookstores that accept the membership card but none of the coupons, and their fiction selections are not very good (understandably so).  *shrug*  I feel like this is emblematic of B&N’s problems generally:  what kind of store does it want to be?  Is it a cafe?  A gift shop?

AAR posted the results of the updated reader poll of the Top 100 Romance Novels.  I didn’t realize they were running the poll again but saw a link after the fact.  I have some thoughts (nothing original) and am going to try to post my opinion(s) on the results.  If I’m feeling ambitious, maybe I’ll try to come up with my own top 100?  Or maybe top 20?  I think I did something similar last time they polled, must look for it and see if my responses and top 20 have changed in the last few years.

Other things:

  • It’s like NBCSN  wants me to become a Pittsburgh Penguins fan.  Of the last five or six games televised, at least four have been Pens’ games.  Which, okay, fine, I’m not wedded to any team.  The two closest teams are Washington (no, sorry, Ovechkin squicks me even though his fiancee is awesome) and the Flyers (no, just no), but I have no particular loyalties, so… (Although I really do not get the facial hair.  Really.  Someone needs to pin Crosby down and remove that mess from his upper lip.)
  • Also on the television front, I’ve been watching The Blacklist on demand.  The premise of the show is problematic for so many reasons, but James Spader is worth it.
  • I made a pumpkin galette yesterday using the recipe posted at Full Fork AheadOther things:  .  It turned out pretty well, although cleaning the pumpkin was a mess — I ended up with pumpkin innards everywhere.  One smallish sugar/pie pumpkin yielded the galette, about 3 cups of roasted pumpkin chunks, and a bunch of roasted pumpkin seeds.  Yum.




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8 responses to “SBD: this and that

  1. 1) I’m curious about your opinions on the Top 100 list at AAR.
    2) I heard Gary Disher is pretty good so let us know how you like him.
    3) I bought Calvin & Hobbs collection in hardcover just this past weekend. Love it. I never read them when they ran.

    • It’s kind of interesting to see how the Top 100 has changed, and how my reaction to them has. I posted about the last poll back in 2010, and am working on a similar batch of posts now.

      I didn’t follow Calvin & Hobbes when it ran new but have enjoyed the different collections put out since. I’d love to know more about the artist but he appears to be very private (which is his right, of course).

  2. Re book clubs: any book club I join must not assume I’m going to finish a book. I like no pressure booklove chats. If I don’t like the book in question then I won’t finish it. I still go to the meeting, though. I like to hear what other people thought. I also enjoy the opposing camps of: I finish everything! and I abandon books, too. I’ve been lucky in finding book clubs that match my needs. In these book clubs, though, I’ve know people to join and quit not long after because the meetings don’t include published reviews/printed discussion questions/critical theory. I don’t mind if any of these things are a part of a discussion but I prefer talking about why I like books not re-creating my college lit classes.

    I’d also enjoy your take on the Top 100.

    • I like to hear what other readers think but am bad at joining generally, and succumb to peer pressure once I join. I’m weak 😦

      I’m working on the Top 100. I’ll probably post in chunks, which is what I did a few years ago.

  3. LOL about Crosby’s horrific mustache – Movember is a painful month for hockey fans.11 more days until they all shave…

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