September’s sad reading tally

Aside from what I powered through (more or less) at the beach, the rest of the month has been pretty blah.


The Replacement Guitarist by Lori Toland.  Gay romance.  This was on sale for $0.99…which made abandoning it easy when the opening chapter was all tell-tell-tell and painful narration.

A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore.  Horror/humor/fantasy.  I love the humor and his voice, but somehow this book just didn’t hold my attention.

Magic Study by Maria Snyder.  Fantasy.  The first book of this trilogy, Poison Study, received very good reviews and I liked it a lot.  This book felt slow and plodding to me.  It may have improved but after 1/3 of the book, I abandoned it.

I’m not sure if the Mirror, Mirror anthology really counts as a DNF — I bought it on sale in order to read the JD Robb novella, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered.  The other novellas are by authors I’ve tried in the past and don’t care for.  The Robb installment was fine, although I have to admit that if I had realized the subject matter involve twin bonds (and twin craziness), I might have skipped it entirely.

Books I finished:

Fall Hard by JL Merrow.  Sort of modern, mildly gothic romance set in Iceland.  Loved the setting, thought the narrator was a self-righteous twit who “stood by” his boyfriend for professional reasons that are kind of murky while adhering to the “letter of the law” re: fidelity but not the spirit of the thing.  Guessed the whodunnit early on.



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