Is that being classified as genre romance?

Amazon sent me an email advertising its Romance Newsletter.  And the four books used in the ad were:

  • Sylvia Day’s Entwined with You
  • Janet Evanovich’s The Heist
  • Laurell K. Hamilton’s Affliction
  • Kresley Cole’s MacRieve

I found the combination to be a little peculiar, to be honest.  Day is a romance author and that series is probably a romance taken as a whole but I’m not sure the individual installments count as such — more like a soap opera.  Evanovich hasn’t written romance in years and has basically disowned any romance roots.  Hamilton has never written romance; maybe erotic fiction or maybe just bad porn, depending on your perspective.  Cole is a romance author, and I think that book is a genre romance.

  • What algorithm was Amazon using to generate the email/ad, I wonder?


On the reading front, I didn’t do much this weekend.  But inspired by Beth, I’ve packed up six boxes of books and another box of CDs and DVDs for donation.  There’s a stack of about 20 books that I need to sort through still, and I’ll probably do a second culling, because I wasn’t as ruthless as I should have been, I think.  There’s one bin of language/text books that I need to get through still, but my spare room is beginning to look more like a room that I can put a sofa and maybe a desk in, rather than being a store room.  (Which is a good thing since I bought a new couch today.)



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2 responses to “Is that being classified as genre romance?

  1. Beth

    Six boxes! That’s VERY impressive, you should be proud. 😀

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