Warehousing and logistics for online sellers

If I buy a physical book online, which does not happen all that often any longer unless I’m buying books as gifts, 95% of the time the purchase is through Amazon.  Price factors in, but the bigger benefit for me as a consumer is the two day delivery; as lovely as some of the used booksellers I’ve bought from are, the shipping costs plus shipping time works against them.

I ran across this article on Amazon’s increase in its warehousing capacity and logistics.  The piece concentrates on Amazon’s need to compete with other e-commerce websites like Walmart.com and eBay, and makes really only a cursory mention of the collection of sales tax based on state nexus.  I’m not a big shopper at the other two websites, and the tax consequences of the increased physical infrastructure is more interesting to me.  A hop over to read Amazon’s Qs and Ks is looming in my future because I’d love to see what they’ve disclosed about the warehousing and potential for increased tax liability to accompany greater flexibility in shipping.



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