*dusts off cobwebs*

My reading has been a little thin for the last week.

I finished Blood of Tyrants, which I have mixed feelings about:  it’s better than some of the other installments, but includes a lot of telling rather than showing and its pace is kind of wonky.  The ending left me feeling as if the book is really half of the installment.  Look, I get cliffhangers, but when you drag me through Japanese politics, then Chinese politics, before getting to Napoleon in Russia?  And then leave in the middle of the Russian conflict?  Meh.

Laurence’s amnesia felt somewhat pointless in terms of plot, although it was a little entertaining if only to demonstrate how his own moral compass has shifted since he left the Navy and joined the Aerial Corps.


Other things of interest:

  • Jordan Castillo Price’s next PsyCop book will be out on Aug 30th
  • Lois McMaster Bujold has donated manuscripts to Northern Illinois University’s library (h/t Teach Me Tonight)
  • Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home, which I enjoyed very much, has been adapted for the stage and will be playing at New York’s Public Theater this fall

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