Checking in

After many, many discards as part of The Great Book Purge, the last couple books have been excellent.  Last week’s keeper was Kluger’s My Most Excellent Year.  This week’s discovery was C.S. Harris’s Where Serpents Sleep, book four of the Sebastian St. Cyr mystery series.

Yes, I jumped into the series in the middle — I acquired my copy at RWA a few years ago at a signing, had heard good things about the series but never tried the author.  (I’m pretty sure it was a free book at one of the publisher-organized signings rather than one I paid for at the literacy event — what was I going to do, say no to a free book?  Saying no to any book at all, let alone a free one, has always been a problem for me.)

Now I’ll be going back to the beginning of the series and starting afresh.  The temptation is to just download books five through eight.  But no, I’ll restrain myself, and go to the library for the first books of the series.


I gave in to temptation last week and bought an e-version of Nora Roberts’ Rising Tides, my favorite of her Chesapeake series books…which happens to be my favorite series (taken as a whole) by Roberts.  The book was originally published in 1998; it stands up well to the test of time, I think, and does not feel dated to me.  I still like Grace as a heroine and find her admirable, but her assumptions about Ethan’s relationship plans (after dating for a month and after his resistance at the outset to changing their relationship at all) struck me as kind of presumptuous and naive.  I hadn’t noticed that before, maybe because I haven’t re-read the book in years.  I don’t know, I was about Grace’s age the first time I read the book and had a different perspective then.  Maybe I’m too old and far away from the person I was to feel the same way about the characters?  I still like the book though.



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2 responses to “Checking in

  1. The danger of the re-read… I am in full sympathy. Good that you still enjoyed an old favorite. I have some that I re-read and things I didn’t notice before crop up but I end up enjoying them still, just in a different way.

    I read the first of that Lewis series and liked it and am not sure why I have never read another from it. I think I will see if they have any at the library here and try to pick it up again.

    • Hi, Rachel, sorry for the delinquent reply. I think the Harris series is interesting but having read all the books in quick succession, I would recommend spreading them out.

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