TGBP2013 – a keeper!

The vast majority of the books I’ve mentioned as part of The Great Book Purge are books that I am not keeping.  Maybe I read them at some point and loved them, but they didn’t work for me upon re-read.  Or maybe I hadn’t ever read them but bought them based on an appealing blurb or someone else’s recommendation.  Or maybe I was just hoarding the books.  (There could be a publishing apocalypse of some sort, resulting in a dearth of new books, y’know.  Oh, wait, the self-publishing and P2P mess of the last few years is a publishing apocalypse of sorts.)

Over the weekend, I weeded a few books more from the mountain of books still occupying my spare room.  But one of them is going back on the shelf:  Steve Kluger’s My Most Excellent Year.  I read and enjoyed Kluger’s Almost Like Being in Love a few years ago, and ending up buying a hardback version of this book afterward.  Why didn’t I read it sooner?  I like Kluger’s epistolary style very much — it lends itself to print much better than e-format IMO — and the use of baseball in the plot.  The voices of the narrators (14 years old) were a little more mature than strictly believable but it’s fiction so….


I’m not sure what’s next.  Maybe a couple Sharon Kay Penman historical mysteries?  Or a Sebastian St. Cyr book?  I have an autographed copy of Where Serpents Sleep from RWA a few years ago that I’ve never managed to read.  I’ve got a bunch of Silhouette Bombshells that I keep meaning to get through, too — written by Ruth Wind, Evelyn Vaughn, Rachel Caine, etc.



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2 responses to “TGBP2013 – a keeper!

  1. I loved Kluger’s Almost and always meant to read more of his stuff and never got around to it. Now I know I need to bump him to the top of my list.

    • After finishing My Most Excellent Year, I went looking for more of Kluger’s backlist. Unfortunately, it isn’t extensive. Last Days of Summer has good reviews but I’m leery of its setting (Brooklyn, 1940s).

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