Gaudi’s birthday

Yesterday’s Google doodle reminded me (and Internet searchers everywhere) that it was Antoni Gaudi’s birthday.

I meant to repost these but I fail. So here they are, a day late, a couple photos of Gaudi-designed things from my Barcelona trip last year.

Vents on Casa Mila, the Sagrada Familia, and Casa Batllo.





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4 responses to “Gaudi’s birthday

  1. rosario001

    I’ll be going for the first time ever in September (yes, I’ve been living in Europe for 6 years and have never been, even though there are cheap direct flights from the airport 10 minutes from my house. I can’t believe it myself). Any recs for particularly amazing things/activities you discovered would be very welcome.

    • The tour of the Palau de Musica was perhaps my favorite thing. It’s guided and tickets for a specific time have to be purchased in advance at the ticket window. In retrospect, I wish I’d gone to a concert there – I think the design plus acoustics must be amazing together.

      It’s a beautiful city for walking, at least the older part downtown, that you probably can’t go wrong wandering around.

  2. Sunita

    These are lovely! I have old-fashioned prints and negatives from my trip to Barcelona many years ago. I ditched my relatives and spent 2 days immersing myself in as many of his buildings as I could manage. There was an interesting piece on the Sagrada on the PBS NewsHour a couple of weeks ago, too.

    • Oh, I’ll look for the PBS piece, thank you.

      I’ve got prints and negatives from my first trip to Spain, but haven’t looked at them in ages. I’m a little afraid to open the envelopes they are in — they sat in the basement for years, which surely did them no good.

      I took a lot of pictures in Barcelona, most on my phone and some on a camera. Wound up putting some into a little book via photo website rather than printing them and creating a scrap book. The book looks very professional but I think I like the scrap book exercise better.

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