Back when Net Galley was newish, I signed up and got the occasional ARC for review.  Then my reading ennui struck and nothing appealed, not even ARCs.  Cleaning out my email folders (why do I have so many? why did I save some of that stuff?), I found my account information and thought I’d give Net Galley another try.  So I requested a few books:  one downloaded immediately, one was denied by the publisher based on my profile, and the other was approved.  The first up is a category-type romance from an Australian publisher.  I liked the opening chapter:  it reminded me in a good way of a Harlequin Presents.

The book purge has slowed a little bit now that I’ve visited the library and brought books with limited shelf life into the house.  Technically speaking, borrowing library books is a violation of the “no new books brought into the house before finishing the purge” policy but since I can’t keep them permanently, it’s not like I’m *adding* to the backlog.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Also on the purge:  I think I got rid of my copy of The Reluctant Fundamentalist.  Or maybe it was a library book?  Either way, I can’t find it on my shelves or in any of the overflow bins.  The movie is playing at the independent theater near me, and I am curious to see how faithful the adaptation is (and whether I feel as ambivalent about the film as I did the book) but I can’t find my old copy for a quick re-read in anticipation of viewing the movie.


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