More victims of the Great Book Purge

Jinx by Jennifer Estep.  Paranormal romance.  I get that this is supposed to be fun and funny but the 50 pages I read just made me roll my eyes.

Minion by L.A. Banks.  Urban fantasy.  If I had read this when it came out, when it was new and original, before vampires were so done, I might have loved it.  But at this late date my patience for vampire hunters is nil and the opening was so over the top melodramatic that it was easy to set it aside for the donation box.

Beast by Donna Jo Napoli.  YA fantasy.  Liked the idea, but Napoli’s voice/style didn’t work for me.

An Experiment in Treason by Bruce Alexander.  Historical mystery.  Tedious set up of the mystery, so bored.

Dead North by Sue Henry.  Mystery.  I like the idea of an Alaskan set mystery and a dog-sledding protagonist.  But the details about settling into an RV and driving from Idaho to Alaska? Not so interesting.  The material may have improved once she got further down the road, but I didn’t hang around to find out.

I’m most of the way through Death in Hyde Park by Robin Paige (Edwardian mystery).  If I had realized that Paige was the pseudonym or Susan Wittig Albert and her husband, I would not have started this book:  her books have never worked for me.  This one isn’t terrible — mostly because I find the secondary characters interesting — but the irritating footnotes to remind readers that they can purchase the books covering the Sheridans’ other mystery adventures come across as a “BUY ME” arrow that is really off-putting.

Once it’s finished, my reward will be the new Carla Kelly historical.

Also, I read Undeclared by Jen Frederick.  It was…less than impressive.  In dire need of content and copy editing, and a heroine who wasn’t spineless.  The characters were nominally in college, but that setting seemed to be selected primarily to remove any parental supervision and give them freedom to drink and have sex (which, okay, college — but in no other way was college life involved in the plot).  I had problems with the set up of the relationship between the h/h, mostly the unconvincing backstory or the way they were MFEO — there was a lot of telling but not much showing.  It was a C- book at best for me, closer to a D+.  I kept reading for the train wreck factor.

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  1. I’ve always been sorta curious about Robin Paige historicals and when they came to digital format at $7.99, I find myself no longer curious. I’m sure I am wrong but they come off as cozy, cutesy historical mysteries to me. Not my thing. I’m all dark and angsty these days (well always).

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