What to read next?

Water, water, every where,

Nor any drop to drink.

Well, that’s exaggerated.  But the sentiment holds:  despite having a plethora of books, including a gigantic pile to skim in order to keep or discard, I feel like I have nothing to read.  Or to put it more accurately, nothing that I *want* to read right now.

The new Carla Kelly western historical is waiting on my Kindle and a paper copy of Roberts’s Whiskey Beach is sitting on my kitchen table (better than 50% off with various B&N discounts and coupons!) but neither book appeals at the moment.

I’m about halfway through Scahill’s Dirty Wars but need something lighter to offset it for the moment.  Surely there is something — anything — in the massive paper and electronic TBR that would appeal?


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5 responses to “What to read next?

  1. I’ve been there. If you’re in the mood for Irish noir, Gene Kerrigan’s THE RAGE was pretty good.

  2. In that mood I usually reread something or choose category romance or a novella–something short that gives me a feeling of “accomplishment.” (HQN Romance or Presents, usually).

    But this week I read The Cubicle Next Door thanks to your post. It was just right, so thanks!

    • I’ll probably re-read something. Maybe Persuasion or something from Bujold. After last month’s purge of the old categories by Donald and Napier, I’m not ready to head back that way. But I’ve got a bunch of Silhouette Bombshells to try when I am 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoyed The Cubicle Next Door. I’m not sure how it came to my attention originally but it is a book that has stuck with me.

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