More recent (re)reading

The Cubicle Next Door by Siri Mitchell.  This is inspirational chick lit in a very loose sort of way.  I think Mitchell now writes more overtly inspirational fiction, but in this book the religion is pretty light.  It’s a modern fairy tale with an almost too perfect hero, but the heroine/narrator is what makes this book.  Have some thoughts floating around that may turn into a post.

Bad Attitude by K.A. Mitchell.  I’m far from an impartial judge of this author’s work, so I’ll just say that I enjoyed this book as fiction but also because I love the bits of Baltimore in the story.  The places the MCs live (or want to live) say a lot about who they are.

JD Robb’s In Death series — I’ve been skimming chunks of these books.  I have the entire series, including the original paperback versions and first edition hardbacks when they made that jump.  I’ll be keeping about a dozen of the books, mostly paperbacks that predate the change to hard cover, and passing the rest on.

As I’ve unpacked the boxes (and boxes and boxes) of books, I’ve set aside about 50 more books to read or pass on in addition to the In Death books.  And there are still five large bins of books to go… 


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5 responses to “More recent (re)reading

  1. I’ve really been enjoying your book clearance. I can’t decide what I like more: the memories you’re sharing about first reads, rereads and rerereads or imagining myself in the midst of that many books that can take me down memory lane. As a person who moves often I’ve never allowed myself to keep that many books. I have a carrying capacity so if new ones come in then old ones have to go… but perhaps this latest move will be the one that sticks and I can start filling shelves. Hope so anyway.

    Thanks for sharing all these book memories!

    • Thank you, Rachel! I’m glad my reading and reminiscing hasn’t been off-putting. TBH, it’s been sort of revealing to me personally about how my tastes and opinions have changed over the years.

      We moved a fair amount when I was a kid, so staying in once place as an adult has been a sort of reaction. My itchy feet have been satisfied by travel rather than moves. The house I just left, which I loved but outgrew in some ways, is the place I’ve lived longest — 10+ years, and my book collection really expanded there. The lesson I learned it that things accumulate, and I have to be vigilant and honest about what I’ll read or reread.

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  3. It’s definitely not off-putting to me. I’m actually going to miss the posts once you’ve completed the purge.

    “TBH, it’s been sort of revealing to me personally about how my tastes and opinions have changed over the years.” I can relate to this very well. In addition to just changing, I am sometimes embarrassed by what I didn’t notice in some of my old favorites. Live, learn, grow I guess.

    • The purge will be going for a while longer, since I’ve got a lot of books still in boxes and a limited number of shelves. I’m actually thinking of tagging all my posts about it to get a measure of its impact on my reading and blogging. 🙂

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