Two Sweden-set mysteries

Awhile ago I bought a copy of Kristina Ohlsson’s Unwanted because the first few pages grabbed me…but before the writing caught my attention, the cover art did.

unwanted cover


One mistake changes everything…

In the middle of a rainy Swedish summer, a little girl is abducted from a crowded train. Despite hundreds of potential witnesses, no one noticed when the girl was taken. Her distraught mother was left behind at the previous station in what seemed to be a coincidence. The train crew was alerted and kept a watchful eye on the sleeping child. But when the train pulled into Stockholm Central Station, the little girl had vanished. Inspector Alex Recht and his special team of federal investigators, assisted by the investigative analyst Fredrika Bergman, are assigned to what at first appears to be a classic custody fight. But when the child is found dead in the far north of Sweden with the word “unwanted” scribbled on her forehead, the case soon turns into the investigation team’s worst nightmare—the pursuit of a brilliant and ruthless killer.


The rest of the book lived up to the cover and the first impression.  The scene that matches the cover art is important, but the shoes themselves are not integral to the story…which is a shame because that is some lovely footwear.

Another impulse purchase based on cover art was The Princess of Burundi by Kjell Ericksson.  Its winter landscape reminded me of Ansel Adams in a way.  But I lost patience with the writing after about 100 pages, because the pace was just so slow.

Next up:  Clarissa Dickson Wright’s Spilling the Beans or Caridad Ferrer’s When the Stars Go Blue.  Or maybe a reread of Siri Mitchell’s The Cubicle Next Door.




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2 responses to “Two Sweden-set mysteries

  1. Haven’t read either one of the Swedish set mysteries yet. Thanks for the feedback. I’ve always been meaning to read more by Caridad Ferrer. I enjoyed her first book.

    • The one I didn’t finish probably isn’t bad. Any other time, I’d’ve set it aside to circle back to but right now I’m being strict about either reading or passing on.

      I really liked Ferrer’s Adios to My Old Life a lot. Her second book, It’s Not About the Accent, wasn’t bad but I didn’t like it as much.

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