Sentimental favorites

On Twitter the other day, @avidmysteryfan asked me if I’d found any gems as I worked through my book collection.  I’m not sure if I’d classify the books I’ve decided to keep (so far) as gems, but there are some sentimental favorites among the category romances that survived the purge despite their melodramatic titles and over-reliance on mistressing.

Bad for Each Other by Kate Hathaway

Once Bitten Twice Shy and A Forbidden Desire by Robyn Donald

Mistress of the Groom and Phantom Lover by Susan Napier

The Stanislaski Family series (SSE) by Nora Roberts

And a handful of gothic romances by Jill Tattersall that I first discovered as a teenager.  The writing and plot have not aged well, to be perfectly honest, but they too are sentimental keepers.



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3 responses to “Sentimental favorites

  1. Speaking of gothics, have you ever read Dorothy Eden? I have a few of hers in hardcover, book club editions, found at resale shops.

    • I recognize the name but can’t match it to anything on my TBR or LibraryThing list of books read. Would you recommend her?

      • No.I remember reading and liking The Shadow Wife but my memories of that book are kind of fuzzy. I wasn’t blown away by her writing but a couple readers in the family enjoyed her work and already had some of her books. My experience with her wasn’t like Victoria Holt where I had to read everything by her so I guess she wasn’t a big favorite at the time. I was curious to know if you’d read her just to get other reader feedback…

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