Dead links

Others have said it more eloquently but I’ll say it again:  when an author doesn’t update her website for a year, and the most recent “Coming Soon” notice is for a book that has been out for 9 months, she’s not doing a good job with marketing.  I don’t care how big an author is:  a year is too long to have a static website, regardless of whatever social media the author is using.

Also, having a link to the author’s personal blog on their website redirect to an error message is problematic.


Of the four books in the DABWAHA semifinals, I’ve read only one.  A lot of readers loved Webber’s Easy but I found it average at best.  Roux’s Stars & Stripes might be good, I don’t know; I attempted one of the earlier books in the series and abandoned it after reading the sample, because one scene was so ridiculous that it made me question the author’s basic research and the characters’ common sense.  



Going through the old Napier categories on my shelves, I found her Marlowe family series.  Some of them are a little dated, but the series is a keeper I think.


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