Progress on the shelf clearing

+  More than 100 older category novels have been bagged for donation.  I’m not sure how much interest the library will have in them, given the short shelf life of categories, but large chunks of the backlists of several category authors are going.

~  I read Nightfall by Ellen Connor.  It was the first book of a post-apocalyptic trilogy; I think I acquired it at RWA a couple of years ago — it’s an autographed copy and that’s the only place I can think I might’ve gotten it.  Liked the idea of the book more than the execution, primarily because I didn’t feel engaged by the plot or the narrators.  Also, the POV shift near the end felt odd and inconsistent with the POV for the 75% of the book that had come before.  Not a keeper but not bad, the thing that stands out most is the cover art showing a Caucasian hero…despite the description of him as having skin the color of coffee with cream, which reads as darker than Caucasian to me.

~  Third You Die by Scott Sherman.  Third mystery in the Kevin Connor series, ostensibly the final book.  Enjoyed the mystery and the amateur sleuth, thought it stood alone well — having read the 1st book but not the 2nd.  Thought the ending personal bit felt a little tacked on but it makes sense if this is the last of the Kevin Connor books.


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