Another beloved book that I find ~meh~

I’ve had a copy of Laura Leone’s Fallen from Grace on my bookshelf for a long time.  It’s an older library copy, in large print.  I’m sure I saw it on the library’s sale shelf and picked it up because of so many rave reviews about it.

I slogged my way through 100 pages (longer than that usual 50 page for a test read because it’s large print and I wanted to be fair), but stick a fork in me because I am done.  It’s going on the discard pile (unless someone emails me and says they want it, then I’ll mail it rather than donate it).

The prose is okay.  And I appreciate the meta of a genre fiction writer struggling with sales and the publishing industry and recreating her professional reputation.  But I just don’t care about either of the characters.

I’ve also skimmed a bunch of Nora Roberts’ single title romantic suspense hard backs.  A couple of them are staying but most of them are going.  Along with a fair chunk of the backlists of Emma Darcy, Susan Napier, and Robyn Donald.


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