Long, long ago

And far, far away…  Oops, wrong opening.

Years ago on the old AAR message boards or maybe a now-defunct Yahoo! group, someone recommended to me Nice by Jen Sacks.  The recommendation was (and this is not a spoiler, given the backblurb) that it was different because the narrators are killers.  Apparently I found a used copy online based on the recommendation, and the book languished on my shelves for years.

Fast forward to my recent book purge activities.  Nice was in my current pile of read/toss books, and I grabbed it this morning to read on the train.  And now I’m sucked into it.  It reminds me in some ways of Hello Kitty Must Die, although that had more dark humor.  This is more deadpan and there’s a lot of subtext (I think) about behavioral expectations for women.

I’m curious to see how Nice ends…and I’ll probably get to the end tonight, since it’s a pretty quick read.

Afterthought:  the tag line is “Bridget Jones gets homicidal.”  And Janet Evanovich gives a blurb.  Those two thing,  frankly, would have caused me to reject the book outright if it hadn’t been recommended:  I DNF’d Bridget Jones’ Diary and abandoned Evanovich a dozen books ago.


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