On a happier note

On a happier note, in terms of reading, I pulled A Share in Death by Deborah Crombie from the TBR shelf (paper).  It is/was her debut novel.  It’s not quite a cozy mystery, especially since the main characters are actual inspectors/detectives, but it’s much less violent and graphic than a lot of the more recent suspense I’ve tried.  (Has the gore factor gone up?)  I guess most readers would call it a traditional English detective novel.  It worked for me well enough that I’ll be checking out the rest of the series with Inspector Duncan Kincaid and DS Gemma James.



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5 responses to “On a happier note

  1. rosario001

    I liked this one less than you. I found it pretty blah and predictable, with some moments of ‘huh?’ (like the head police guy who’s so ridiculously antagonised by Kincaid).

    • If I read the book after reading similar books, or after even a string of good books, I probably would have liked it a little less and found it to be predictable. But I’ve been on such a losing streak that the general competence of the writing felt like a gift and a reward.

  2. Have you been in a reading slump lately? I noticed the quiet blog, but assumed you were busy with the holidays and/or perhaps on vacation

    Yes, I’ve been on a deliberate break. I plan to go back to blogging this month. The reading material hasn’t been captivating either which is why I started The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo.

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